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January 01 2014


The Right Way to Treat an Escort

Social escorts really have it rough. Really, they do. When you hear the word 'escort,' if you are like most people, your mind would immediately conjure up images of prostitution or some other mercenary form of sex for money. The reality is that the escort industry is a legitimate industry that provides professional companionship for people who are trying to make a good professional or business impression.

Escort clients need to put their best foot forward when trying to secure a lucrative account or get a deal signed. Having a good-looking, well-spoken, and highly presentable companion is part of the complete package would-be business partners or customers look for.

This is why the legitimate escort industry exists.

This primary purpose forms the basis of how escort clients should treat their escort companions. Keep the following tips in mind when working with or dealing with an escort.

The Escort's Job Is To Make You Look Good

Your escort is on your team. His or her job is to make you look good. Accordingly, you have to treat your escort as someone who is out to help you. You shouldn't look down on the person or think the person is working against you. You are on the same team. You are out to pursue the same objective: making you look good so you can score that deal or get that contract signed.

Treat your escort as you would any other person who is looking out for your best interest. At the very least, you should be respectful. You should listen and you should be ready to apply whatever feedback your escort gives you so you can make the best impression on the people you are trying to impress with your escort.

Your Escort Is A Professional

Your escort is someone who has been around the block a few times when it comes to making a good social or public impression. Keep this in mind. Don't think that just because your escort is being paid to step out in public with you that he or she doesn't know a thing or two about looking good or acting in a certain way in public.

If anything, you should defer to his or her recommendations when it comes to certain details about your appearance or how you might want to approach people you are meeting at an event. These recommendations and tips can go a long way in helping you achieve your objectives.

Remember, your client has been to many social events before and know a thing or two about clues people give out in regards to first impressions. When you treat your escort as a professional, you are drawing from your escort's deep well of knowledge. This might make the difference between success and failure.
Treat Your Escort Like a Member of Your Marketing or PR Staff

You are making the rounds at a social event with an escort because you want to make a great first impression. Accordingly, you should treat your escort like a personnel asset much like a member of your PR staff or your company's marketing arm.

Treat your escort with respect and courtesy and listen to his or her feedback with an open mind. Doing so can mean the difference between making a truly great first impression or failing to get your money's worth from the event you're attending.

In Conclusion...

Keep the tips above in mind when interacting with your escort. If you follow these tips, you maximize the impact your escort has, and you will get maximum return for every dollar you invest. Your escort's job is to make you look good. Make this happen by following the tips above.

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Are social escorts legal in Singapore? How to be on the right side of the law

Social escorts are legal only to the extent you deal with your escort legally. There are ways of dealing with your escort that can lead you into legal hot water. If you want your escort experience to stay within the right side of the law, keep the following tips in mind.

Use social escort services the right way

Social escorts are legal in most jurisdictions(such as Singapore and Malaysia) because social escorts fill a major legitimate need in business: making clients look good in social events. Say you have to attend a red carpet event and you need to make the best impression possible. You can show up alone, but this might not impress the people you are trying to impress.

You can show up with an unattractive friend. Again, this might not convey the right public impression. You might not come off in a way you want to project. Hiring a social escort in Singapore guarantees that you will make the scene in a very strong way.

Nothing shows success, legitimacy, and credibility than showing up to an event with a fine-looking, highly articulate, and well put together person on your arm. Social escorts offer a service that 'completes' their client's overall public persona. Face it-when it comes to making the right business or marketing impact, the biggest product you're pushing is Y-O-U: your credibility, your persona, your legitimacy. In a few split seconds, your business contacts will size you up.

You have to hit the ball right out of the park the first time you step up to the plate or you might not make it. This is why social escorts are in business-they help you present a complete package.

Interact with your social escort the right way

When talking with or interacting with your escort, you need to keep it all about business. In other words, talk about feedback you need to step up your public image game. Any personal questions should be asked only if they are relevant to your overarching goal: to look great in public.

Any physical contact in public should be restricted to areas where it is socially acceptable to touch your escort. Remember, people are looking. Not only do your clothes leave an impression, your conduct and behavior also factor into how people will perceive you.

Keep it professional

When asking your professional escort to dress a certain way for an event or social engagement, keep in mind that people will be looking. You are hiring someone to make you look good. It's a good idea to make sure your escort does precisely that. If your escort shows up in trashy, sleazy, or Kim Kardashian-style sleaze wear, it might be a good idea to ask your escort to change his or her attire. Keep it professional. This means looking professional as well as acting professional. If you are dealing with an experienced escort, he or she won't have a problem with your feedback regarding his or her attire.

The best way to keep your interaction with your social escort legally on the up and up is to use escort services the way it is supposed to be used: to make you look great in social settings. Keep this in mind and you won't ever run into legal issues.
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